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Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 1 (Lesson 1)


It makes a lot of sense to start with 4 string chords, as we're working with 4 fingers on our picking hand (we won't be using our little finger, so don't worry about that!). Before we get into the detail of how to pick through the D chord, notice how Thomas builds up one finger at a time! The idea is to be as relaxed as possible with your picking hand, and it will take a lot of time to get used to this, so take your time.

D Major and Minor

Our aim is to start arpeggiating (playing the individual notes) of the D major and D minor chords. These two chords are the main shapes that have 4 strings in the open position, so a great place to start. Here are those two chord shapes:

So, time to start practising with a drumbeat! We will be looping the D major and D minor chords as shown in the tab below. Make sure to practice along with a drum loop to start developing that rhythm!

You'll also notice we have a few letters on the music above, namely "p, i, m & a". These relate to the fingers you use to pick those notes within the chord. It's also crucial to know that you will be fretting the D major and D minor, as Thomas makes clear, not trying to fret the notes individually (as if you were playing a solo!).