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Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 2 (Lesson 2)


Before we get stuck into this specific song, let's have a quick chat about melody within chords. At this level, if you're looking to start working with melody in your open chords, there is a nice simple way to get started. It's worth first knowing how the basic chord triad is made.

For example, if we took a D major chord, the root, third and fifth would be as shown in the diagram below. You may want to do a melody going from the 3rd to the root. So the chord movement might look like this:

Have a try for yourself with any chords you like. Thomas used a cool 2 6 5 1, which in the key of C major gives you. Start with these chords and then experiment on your own! Have a bit of fun with this before we dive into the core song in the next lesson.