Brian May Demo 1

Lesson 1 : The Tone

To get started, we feel it's important to get you set up with the tone you need to sound a little like Brian May, using the gear you have available. The key element is being able to boost the mids. How do we do that? Well, it can be as simple as using the EQ on your amp! Whatever amp you have, find the "mid" knob, which stands for middle, and turn that dial-up nice and high. Take it all the way to 10 and adjust from there, keeping the bass and treble around 5. From there, be sure you have a nice overdriven sound, either from a pedal or on the amp itself. Finally, add a touch of delay and reverb to complete the sound and get the right ballpark sound.

Sweating the Finer Details...

If you want to invest the time to get even closer to the tone, Dion uses a Line 6 HX Stomp, which had a great Vox style amp (Vox amps typically use EL84 style power tubes). In fact, most amp sims (for example GarageBand, BOSS GT range, Kemper, BIAS Amps, Axe FX, Amplitube) will have a great Vox AC30 style amp that you can quickly dial in. From there, take the mids up even more and dial in a lovely smooth sounding overdrive pedal or just use the VOX simulated amp cranked up. Otherwise, use the basic ideas above to get in the right region.