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Blues Essentials Level 3 Lesson 1


Before we properly dive into the track, we need to lay the groundwork for mastering the 16th note funky strum. The main concept here is to be able to strum all 6 strings (not always 6, sometimes 5 or 4, but let's aim for all 6 to be as good at this technique as possible!) whilst only hearing single notes or a small grouping of notes from a chord.

"this technique creates that thick, rich and more aggressive blues tone that we love to listen to!"

In this lesson, we can start practising the opening first half of the riff. First up, get used to strumming all 6 strings whilst muting them, alongside a 16th note count.

Now let's tackle the first part of our riff, which is based around the B7 chord. Once again, as well as using the tab, it is important to also learn the strumming pattern involved, so you get the real feel for the track.

So this is your first task to get together before the next lesson. Don't focus on perfection, just work on the groove and gradually clean up the sound of the notes as best you can!