Hendrix Lesson 1

Lesson 1: Lick 1 & 2

Let’s get started with the first two phrases of the track, which we can call lick 1 & 2. The begin with, let’s get ourselves in the correct key and using the right scale shapes. We are predominantly using the E minor pentatonic box one in a low and high position, as you can see here:


Once we have the positions understood, we can walk through the first part of the tab. The riff is all based around the open E minor pentatonic box as well as the E7#9 “Hendrix” chord. For those who have never come across this chord, the reason it is called the Hendrix chord is because it was made famous by the great man! It’s not often you see a 7#9 chord outside of Hendrix tracks! As for the theory, it looks like this:

root, 3rd, 5th, b7th, #9th.

Without the #9 note, this is a simple dominant 7th chord. With the #9 you get an extra edge that really adds tension to the chord! Notice also in the digram that we don’t play the 5th. This is a note we can easily leave out of any chord without an issue.

As for the two licks, they are using the minor pentatonic box 1 up on the 12th fret, and include some pretty quick bits, so make sure to run them slowly first. Also, notice the vibrato and aggressiveness we use as we play through them.