Metal Essentials Demo 1

Lesson 1 : Section A

We'll start by looking over the first part of section A, which will really introduce you to the idea of down picking in metal riffs. It's s simple concept, you down pick everything. Unfortunately, it's a slightly harder execution, and the key is to relax your wrist to get the consistent sound. It may sound counter-intuitive when playing something so heavy, but remember that the amp and the gain will quite often do the work for you!

Don't forget to palm mute as well...

To palm mute, you simply lean the palm of your picking hand onto the bridge of the guitar. As you move it inwards from the bridge, further and further onto the strings, you get more and more muting action. There is a sweet spot where you get a chunky sound without the tone being too muted, or too open. It's all about trial and error.



Below are the materials for this group of lessons. You'll find the full tab so that you can work through each part of the track!