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Metal Essentials Demo 2

Lesson 2: Continued

In this lesson we will continue the A section of the riff, except now we'll bring in some very cool, single note powerchord lines. This simply means that we are essentially fretting the classic powerchord shapes, except we are playing the notes individually, and aiming to get a separated sound from them (rather than blending into one chunky chord sound).

A cheeky piece of modal theory...

It's worth noting that the notes from the riff are all based around the key of E minor, except we are bringing in the b2, which gives it a Phrygian tonality. Phrygian is the 3rd mode of the major scale, and has an extra dar sound, thanks to that flattened second degree. Scale wise, it looks like this:

You may notice that this essentially the C major scale, but starting from the 3rd degree of E. A better way to think of it, however, is an E minor scale with a flattened 2nd degree. This is the note (the F rather than F#) that will really define this sound. If you want to try out the Phrygian scale, you can use the scale shape we've attached to this lesson! Have fun.



Below are the materials for this group of lessons. You'll find the full tab so that you can work through each part of the track!