Brand New Rock Essentials Level 1 Out Now

Slash Lesson 1

Lovely Lady O Mine

There's no getting round it, this solo is fast! This will really test your technique and speed, as well as show you a great selection of Slash style rock licks. Most of the solo is using the E minor pentatonic in shape 1 and shape 2, but by far the most challenging part is the intro lick which uses the harmonic minor scale. 

The first lick is a based in the harmonic minor scale in the key of E and will be pretty tricky to get together. The focus needs to be breaking it into the small parts we go through in the video and gradually piecing it all together. This is a great opportunity to learn the Harmonic minor scale based around pentatonic Shape 4 and 1, which will give you a practical scale to use in your improvising. Here are the shapes: