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Clapton - Lesson 2


It’s now time to tackle the first lick of the track! As with all the licks, we are using a combination of box 1 and 2 of the A minor pentatonic. The big things to not as we run through this lick are the phrasing (the deliberate space between lines), the vibrato and those “bluesy curl” bends. You’ll notice the “¼” bend a lot on this tab. That is a microtonal bend, which is very common in the blues. Let’s look at the key features of that style of bend.

The "¼" Bend

  • 1. The bend is almost like a wide vibrato, barely lifting the string but just enough to hear the note change.
  • 2. As soon as you hear the note change, you need to stop the sound dead!
  • 3. Any lingering on that bend will make for a very out of tune guitar sound, so keep it controlled and nice and short.
  • 4. The effect is something unfinished, the “call” of the “call and response” for example!
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