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1 Lesson Gift Voucher

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3 Lesson Gift Voucher

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5 Lesson Gift Voucher

5 Lesson Gift Voucher

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10 Lesson Gift Voucher

10 Lesson Gift Voucher

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When will I get my vouchers?

Straight away! As soon as you have purchased we will send you an email confirming your order and with a printable voucher for you to give as a gift. We'll also send you a few bonus goodies just to say thank you!

How many times can I buy a voucher?

As many times as you like! Wether you are buying for someone who has never had a lesson with us, or for someone who has had many lessons. The gift voucher will still apply. 

How come the cost is different depending on area?

Here at Your Guitar Academy we have tutors teaching all across the UK, and we have slightly different price points depending on the city. The price points are set to mirror the costs of living in the particular city, and to compete with local rates.

How do I redeem the voucher?

Simple, give us a call or message us through the site. We will have a chat with you, make sure to find the perfect tutor that suits you (wether it's the closest location wise, or the most ideal fit for your particular guitar playing needs). We will get it booked in then and there and send you out all the confirmations.

How long do I have to redeem the voucher?

You have an entire year to redeem these vouchers! Also, they can be used pretty much same day as purchase if you are ready to get started! 

What if you've never played before and don't own a guitar?

No problem! In fact, about 50% of our students are in that exact situation. Your tutor will have a guitar you can borrow, so you simply need to turn up to the lesson with yourself and your voucher!