Welcome to Your Guitar Shop

Welcome to our little shop! As well as selling gift vouchers for our guitar lessons, we also sell guitars. Not just any guitars though... We only sell guitars that we recommend to our students. High quality instruments that won't break the bank. Click one of the three categories below to see our range. 


Why Vintage?

As you may have noticed, pretty much all of the guitars we sell are Vintage guitars. This does not mean they are old guitars... Vintage is a brand that build quality, affordable guitars, and we love them! Our focus is providing our students with guitars that are look great, play easily and will last forever without breaking the bank. 90% of our students are beginner or intermediate players, and they need a guitar that will feel like a £1000 guitar, without spending that kind of money. Well... Vintage guitars give you that kind of quality and cost a fraction of the price of other major brands.

Want some advice?

Our focus is getting you, our students, the best possible guitar for your budget. If you're not sure, give us a call!