Clothing Information


All of our clothing is created by a companny called Stanley/Stella and they are driven by a genuine desire to drive change in the fashion industry through ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. They aim to break codes, to change the perception of the textile industry. They want to offer products that respect people, the environment, and customers. And they're producing authentic and responsible clothes that you're proud to wear and sell; clothes that initiate change in the textile industry, and are made in a more humane, ethical, and ecological way.

The brand is built on sustainability. It’s at the core Stanley/­Stella’­s ethos. All products are either 100% organic cotton, or a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, and everything is high-quality. This makes Stanley/­Stella’­s clothing range the only choice when it comes to building your own sustainable fashion brand. Stanley/Stella products offer options suitable for any lifestyle, including vegans. They're made for anyone and everyone that wants to make a positive change in the world. 

Product sizing guide

We all know it can be pretty annoying when a medium feels like a small, or a large is actually an extra large! To put your mind at ease, when purchasing you can use this handy sizing guide we've put together that applies to all of our clothes.

Shipping your clothes

We ship all over the world, but depending where you live the speed of shipping and the rates will change. Rest assured you will have a range of options at checkout, to ensure you can choose between speed of delivery and cost. If you have any questions about the shipping, please visit our contact page to get in touch.

The YGA Community

When we started our journey to creating YGA merchandise, we knew that we didn't want to just pop a logo on a shirt and be done with it. We're YGA, we pride ourselves on the quality of our courses, lessons and tutors. It therefore made complete sense to also pride ourselves on the quality of our clothing. As a YGA supporter you are now part of a community of guitar learners, and you can be seriously proud of that community. Wear the branding loud and proud!