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Electric Intermediate Level 1

Electric Intermediate Level 1

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Master The CAGED Chords!

Our first intermediate electric course will help you expand your knowledge of chords to include all CAGED shapes across the neck, dramatically improving your versatility. You'll also learn trickier and more subtle rhythms, and discover how to use dynamics effectively. This is a challenging course as it really focuses on dividing the fretboard into five positions to ensure you have an understanding of the whole guitar, not just the end of the neck! Check the video out for the full rundown.

This course follows immediately on from Electric Beginners (Level 3) and really steps aspect of your playing up a notch! As with all of our courses we use custom-written, professional songs to apply all of your new knowledge and skills. Mastering the CAGED system is crucial, and in this course, we show you everything you need to know. 

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