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Home Studio Guide

Home Studio Guide

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A guide to building your perfect space.

Welcome to our Home Studio Guide course! The first thing to say is that this is NOT your standard guitar course! There is not a single time within this course where our tutors explain how to play a scale, chord or rhythm! This course covers a subject area that is so important and often completely overlooked. How can you set up your space to make sure that you want to be there? To make sure that you want to pick up that guitar, want to play and want to practice. Without that, how can we possibly improve?

It doesn't matter if your space is the corner of your living room or an entire closed-off area. We can still create a beautiful, creative and productive zone.

This course is broken down into two key areas: Hardware & Software. This means that we'll be tackling all of the hardware first. The amps, guitars, pedals, computer, speakers, interface etc. Anything you may need to have a killer set up! Secondly, we'll be tackling the software. DAWs, VST and more importantly, how to actually use them at a basic level.

Our top tutors have your back...

Along the journey, it will be Dan taking you through the basics. However, the real gold will come from the amazing insight of 5 of our top YGA tutors as we visit their home studios and learn from their setup directly.

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