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Acoustic Bundle

Acoustic Bundle

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Our courses have moved!

All of our courses are now available to stream and download on our Guitar Club website! Check out the courses page via the link below.

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Acoustic Learning doesn't get better than this!

We've bundled together both of our incredible Acoustic Fingerstyle courses to make one very special offer, that is only available for a short time. The bundle includes Dan's Acoustic Essentials Level 1 & 2, as well as Thomas's Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 1 and Level 2. That's 4 epic courses focused entirely on acoustic guitar. Check out the descriptions below and snap up this limited time offer!

Acoustic Beginners Level 1

We are excited to bring all of you beginner guitar players a comprehensive acoustic course that is exactly what you need as a newbie to the guitar. We start from Day 1 and work through all of the most important concepts you need to learn as a beginner acoustic player. Guaranteed no bad habits will be picked up here!

Acoustic Beginners Level 2

This course is the follow up from our Acoustic Beginners [Level 1] course. We take all of your new skills and level them up. We introduce harder chords, trickier strumming patterns and even fingerstyle guitar playing. So, once you've completed Level 1, grab this course and take your acoustic playing up to an intermediate level!

Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 1

Fingerstyle, as a technique, is extremely powerful. It has the ability to take all of the chords that you already use regularly, and turn them into something magical. In this course, we take you from the ground up, as a beginner to the technique.

Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 2

We continue this course where Level 1 left off, meaning it is a direct sequel to the first Level. The course is all about taking the basics and fundamentals of level 1 and developing some very well-known and exciting techniques, such as "claw strumming" and "slap"! These techniques take your fingerstyle basics and really bring them to life.

"the core chords stay the same, we advance them with melody, percussion and more musicality."

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