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Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 1

Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 1

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Put The Pick Down & Witness the Magic! 

Welcome to our Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 1 course! We're very excited to be welcoming the incredible Thomas back to the world of YGA to help us film and put together this course. There is no better fingerstyle player and tutor to guide you through this incredible style of guitar playing.

Check out the video above for a full rundown of the course.

Fingerstyle, as a technique, is extremely powerful. It has the ability to take all of the chords that you already use regularly, and turn them into something magical.

When you put the plectrum down and start using your fingers you open up a whole new world of sounds. You can play those same open chord shapes that you've been playing since you started your guitar journey, but suddenly you can pick out individual notes, access specific melodies within the chords, and create entirely fresh, new compositions. It really is exciting to see it come together, and in this course, we take you from the ground up, as a beginner to the technique.

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