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Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 2

Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 2

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Becoming the one-man-band! 

Welcome to our Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 2 course! We're so excited to have Thomas back in the studio to deliver this incredible course that will take your fingerstyle skills up another level. We continue this course where Level 1 left off, meaning it is a direct sequel to the first Level. The course is all about taking the basics and fundamentals of level 1 and developing some very well-known and exciting techniques, such as "claw strumming" and "slap"! These techniques take your fingerstyle basics and really bring them to life.

"the core chords stay the same, we advance them with melody, percussion and more musicality."

We build your finger chops with the "claw" approach to strumming in this first unit. This is the concept of playing more than one string within your fingerstyle, essentially removing the need to strum! With that laid down, we tackle Unit 2 which brings in a bit more chord theory, including 7th chords, and gives you an awesome song to master this technique with.

From there, in Unit 3, we bring in the percussive slap (think John Mayer and Ed Sheeran!) and finally add all of that to our final piece in Unit 4 that develops your melody within the chords whilst slapping that guitar!

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