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Your Guitar Academy

Beginners Gym

Beginners Gym

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Guitar gym taken quite literally...

Here at Your Guitar Academy, we take the term "Guitar Gym" quite literally! In this fantastic series of lessons, Dan takes you by the hand and literally walks you through the exact workouts you need to do to see a rapid improvement in your playing, taking you all the way up to an Intermediate level. We set the exercises, prepare the BPM, get the drums ready, and we're off! You play along with Dan to ensure your guitar practice is absolutely perfect.  Watch the video for a full rundown.

Our guitar gym section is all about you guys playing along in real-time with your tutor, Dan. You'll be walked through a guitar gym session in much the same way a fitness instructor would walk you through a workout. Each workout level increases in difficulty by adding more speed and more exercises. In the worksheet, you will find a summary of all your exercises including links to the tab if you are unsure of them. The guitar gym will ensure that you can physically handle any solos riffs or chords that we approach in the guitar skills section, so pick up the guitar and let's get started!

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