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Beginners Speed Building Challenge

Beginners Speed Building Challenge

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Understanding how to build speed.

As a beginner lead guitar player, you may have already found that one of the key elements that is currently holding you back is speed! Your fingers quite simply can't move fast enough to play your favourite solos or riffs. As you continue on your journey, and work through our lead guitar courses, being able to build your speed effectively is going to be absolutely crucial. Our aim, therefore, with this course, is to give you the tools and understanding you need to know exactly how to build speed efficiently, and essentially, how to actually achieve the speed of the lead parts you are trying to play!

5 elements to speed!

In this 5 lesson course I will take you through what I consider to be essential elements that you need to understand and practice, when building speed. These elements include picking, legato, sequencing, rhythm & practice habits.

These 5 elements cover the techniques you need to build speed, the tools you can use & the mindset you need when practicing. It is a true 360 degree view of speed building, and it's all customised to suit beginner to early intermediate guitar players that keep hitting speed walls!

One final point, regarding the level, is that even if you are an intermediate player that hits brick walls with your speed, this course will be extremely valuable for you too! So, when you're ready, come with me on a 5 lesson journey to build speed!

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