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Cory Wong

Cory Wong

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Master Your Rhythm Chops!

Cory Wong has propelled a mastery of rhythm playing to a platform that has made everyone in the guitar world stand up and listen. How often do we come across a virtuoso player who would prefer a 24 bar rhythm groove on a single chord, then a face-melting solo 24 bar solo!

Watch the full rundown in the video!

In this player study, we take a deep dive into his style, building up from the basics to ensure you have the roots and foundation laid first, then work towards blistering 16th note grooves. You'll have the ability to choose which beat you accent to influence the groove of the track, the chords you need to play to get the Cory sound, as well as the super-advanced pentatonic harmony techniques and 32nd note flashes that take your rhythm chops to the next level.

Dion, as always, skillfully guides you through every phase of the course, levelling up as we go. It's also worth mentioning that Dion is one of the few players we know that can genuinely emulate Cory Wong's rhythm chops and is a huge fan of the man himself. Getting insight from someone who loves this style and can emulate it properly is invaluable.
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