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Electric Blues Essentials Level 2

Electric Blues Essentials Level 2

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Master The Slow Blues!

Welcome to the second instalment of our Blues Guitar Essentials course! In this course, we continue where we left off in Level 1, and bring in brand new ideas, theories, arpeggios and damn right bluesy gold to feast your eyes and ears on! We actually have one main focus the ties this entire course together, and that is the mastery of the slow blues. Check the video above for the full rundown

So, what do we mean by slow blues? Well, you know the tracks... "Have You Ever Loved A Woman", "3 O'Clock Blues", "Five Long Years", "Sweet Little Angel"... Just to name a tiny handful of classic slow blues tracks! In our mind, there is no purer form of guitar expression than a great slow blues solo, and we're here to show you all the secrets, tips and theories behind the style, as well as give you incredible practical examples to learn and master.


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