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Electric Blues Essentials Level 3

Electric Blues Essentials Level 3

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More than just a 12 bar! 

In this course, we learn something extremely important... The blues is so much more than a 12 bar! The blues is a feeling, the blues is a way of playing, the blues transcends far beyond the boundary of a 12 bar structure. Yes, it's absolutely crucial that we learn and master this structure, which is what we have done with Essentials 1 & 2, but now we learn how to stay bluesy in other formats!

In this course, we tackle 4 different types of blues that remain consistent with that raw bluesy feel, the dominant chord theory and the major and minor crossover, but without the 12 bar structure! These formats are Funky Blues, Modern Blues, R&B Blues and 8 Bar Blues. We're so excited to walk you through these styles, as within each of these new formats we can learn something new and exciting, to add to your blues playing, that will take you to a whole new level of blues mastery!

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