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Freddie King

Freddie King

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Learn to play from the heart.

Welcome to our Freddie King player study course! I'm personally absolutely delighted to be walking you through every aspect of Freddie's blues playing, especially as he's one of the most influential guitar players in my life. There's something quite magical about the way Freddie King commands the stage, taking total control over the band, both rhythmically and melodically. His guitar appears to simply be an extension of his body and soul, entwined with his soulful vocals and incredible awareness of the groove. Put simply, Freddie King is an absolute master of every aspect of the blues, and we have a lot to learn from him.

"Learning to play like Freddie is not just a collection of scales and licks, it's learning to feel the music as well."

So, in this 20 lesson course we will be breaking down everything that makes Freddie King tick as a blues player. Our main focus will be his lead playing, as this is 90% of what Freddie King is best known for. That means that we'll need the scales and theory, of course, but more importantly we'll need to develop his feel, control and command for the instrument. "But Dan, is it possible to learn feel?" Yes, of course it is. I did. I did it by listening to players like Freddie King and absorbing as much as I could, before transferring that to my own guitar playing.

Now, many years later, I'm here to show you how to do exactly that, and take the best parts of Freddie King and adapt them to your own unique style and improvisation. Every guitar player has a voice, and in this course we'll use Freddie King to help develop yours.

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