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George Benson

George Benson

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Upgrade Your Technique, Skills & Theory!

We are thrilled to bring you our in-depth player study on George Benson. We start by taking a look at how he constructs solo's, both in the pop and jazz world. We then look into his 'Trick Bag' to find a range of techniques, scales and ideas he uses to get his signature sound. We also dive into more jazzy rhythms and blues/jazz crossover lead guitar. Finally, we take a look at how to get his signature tone. Watch the video for a full rundown.

George Benson is one of the most respected guitarists in the world having successfully blended the extremely technical and expressive jazz guitar with perfect pop songs and beautiful melodies! In this course, we introduce our new online tutor, Dion, as he takes you through everything you need to know to be able to play like George Benson. During this course, we focus on both George's solo and rhythm playing, including octave parts, chromatic ideas, cool jazzy scales and a tonne of extension chords! As always we apply every bit of theory we look at with full solos and songs to learn to ensure you can apply all of these new ideas to your own playing.

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