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How To Learn Licks

How To Learn Licks

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5 day challenge!

One of the most common mistakes I see guitar students making is not spending enough time with guitar licks. Within a single, top quality guitar lick, you can find an incredible amount of knowledge, skill, theory and phrasing; we just need to learn how to get the most out of it. I relate it to my adventure of learning to speak Polish... (go with me on this one).

As I'm learning the language, I learn a simple sentence, and within that sentence there is a combination of words and phrases. It also contains a vibe, accents and a feel for how to make the words sound. I would take the time to learn the words really well, then how they might apply in other sentences. Finally, I would road test the sentence as a whole, as well as try to use those words and phrases in other sentences. I'd do this so many times, at café's, restaurants, with friends and family, until it finally became part of my day to day language.

"The same is true of licks for our guitar playing. We need to deeply understand a lick, at a theory level and practical level. Then we need to road test that over various jam tracks, different speeds, and take the best chunks to use in our other guitar phrases."

So, that's what this 5 day challenge is all about! I'll take you through the process of properly learning a lick. Once you understand and have experience working through this process, you can apply it to every single guitar lick or phrase that you learn, no matter how long or short!

Make sure you have one hour free each day, for the next 5 days, to work through these lessons and practice the content! After that, you'll be set, and before you know it, your improvising vocabulary will hit the roof!

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