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Jack White & The White Stripes

Jack White & The White Stripes

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how to enjoy your instrument.

Welcome to our Jack White & The White Stripes player study! From the moment the album Elephant was released back in 2003, Jack White was propelled to international guitar stardom. At his core, he is a blues guy, but with the White Stripes, he took the core teachings of this genre and turned it into something completely unique. The dynamics, the roughness, the energy & the simplicity all combine to give us this incredible music, that is still as fresh today as it was 20 years ago.

Unlike many other player studies, our primary focus here is to take very simple ideas; Powerchords, pentatonic scales, and basic chords, and learn how to get a lot out of them. We learn how to truly enjoy playing those elements, and the more we can do that, the more we can squeeze out of them. The more creativity we can find, the more feel we can put into the music, and the more we will start to find ourselves as a guitar player. The tracks Franco has recorded are fun, jam-packed full of White Stripe's goodness, and encourage you to find the love, enjoyment and passion for the guitar once again.

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