Jimmy Page

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Blues Meets Alternative Rock!

We are thrilled to bring you our in-depth player study on Jimmy Page. We take a look at his lead and rhythm playing, including the scales, theory and creative process behind his unique style. We also take a look at how to get his signature tone! Watch the video below for a full run down.

What You Get

  • 21 HD Video Lessons
  • eBook Download Guide Supporting The Course
  • Mp3 Downloads for songs and exercises
  • Bonus #1: Getting The Jimmy Page Tone Video
  • Bonus #2: Ultimate Scale and Chord Guide eBooks

About The Course

The Led Zeppelin axe man essentially spawned an entire generation of guitarists and songwriters by beautifully blending traditional blues music with the more progressive sounds and techniques of his day to create something new, exciting and special. In this course we'll study at his lead and rhythm playing, tackle the scales and theory behind his sound, and examine how he used techniques such a major chord riffs and octave parts in his songwriting. Our Jimmy Page player study is ideal for any intermediate guitarist interested in blues or progressive rock music.