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John Frusciante

John Frusciante

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Flicky bits and hard hitting riffs!

Welcome to our John Frusciante player study! In this 20 lesson course, we will be guiding you through all the core skills and techniques you need to deeply understand how John Frusciante plays. This is not a simple case of learning an RHCP song and then moving on. We're learning by taking a proper look under the hood of John's style, breaking down the theory and applying it to our custom written Frusciante tracks. These tracks capture the essence of his playing... And what a player he is. This will be fun! 🤘😃

As we were building this course we knew that we wanted to focus on the two most important parts of his playing, beautifully summarised by Dion in the quote:

"flicky bits and hard hitting riffs..."

Yes, it's an oversimplification, but I think we can all relate to what Dion is talking about here. The "flicky" bits are those CAGED chords played with Hendrix-Esque embellishments, and the "hard-hitting riffs" define how Frusciante approaches his lead and rhythm playing. It's aggressive, it's full-throttle... It's hard! 😂😂

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