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Lead Guitar Legends Bundle 3

Lead Guitar Legends Bundle 3

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Take Your Lead Playing To The Next Level.

Hey guys, and welcome back to YGA! We're so happy to have you here! About a year ago we first started working with the wonderful guys at GuitarControl, and we've been chatting again recently to get you guys another awesome offer together that will take your lead playing up another level! Well, the good news is that after many Zoom calls and discussions, we have an incredible offer and course package for you today that you will absolutely love. It's our Lead Guitar Legends Volume 3!!

First up, let's just answer the BIG question... Who is this course set for and how will it help them? Well, the answer is quite simple... If you love lead guitar, if you love classic rock and blues and if you feel as though you are not playing the kind of lead that you aspire to yet... This course package is for you!! We bring together 4 more incredible lead guitar legends, who we have studied and created epic player studies for, that dive deeper than you've ever seen into exactly how they have mastered the guitar solo and, more importantly, how you can too!

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