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Lead Intermediates Level 1

Lead Intermediates Level 1

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Soloing Across The Entire Fretboard!

So you know some pentatonic scales, a couple of solo's and are pretty good at chord playing. Unfortunately, no matter how you try, you just can't seem to improvise and join the dots together across the fretboard. Sound familiar? If so, this course is for you. 

This course follows directly on from our Lead Guitar Beginners courses and is all about taking your lead playing to a performance-ready standard. You'll become confident playing and improvising across the entire fretboard using scales, arpeggios and every lead guitar technique you could ever need! The goal of the course is to master the five pentatonic shapes across the neck, and apply them to awesome ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin style riffs and solos!

Watch the video for a full rundown.

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