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Metal Essentials

Metal Essentials

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Technique, High Gain & Modal Fun!

Welcome to our Metal Essentials Level 1 course! This is our first venture into the huge world of metal guitar, and Dion is at the wheel to expertly guide you through the essential techniques, theories and skills you need to develop to play in this style. Watch the video above for a full rundown.

So first up, who is this course for? Well, the obvious answer is those who like metal and want to really gain a deeper understanding of the genre and how it works. if you love metal and are roughly an intermediate guitar player, you will LOVE this course. Simple as that!

The not so obvious answer is that this course is for anyone looking to develop new guitar skills.

Throughout the course, we really dial up your technique, speed and endurance. We'll explain to you new modal theories, and give you a wide range of modal scales that you may not have come across so far. Put all of these things together, and no matter the style of music you currently love and play, this course will elevate your playing to another level, giving you new techniques and skills that you can apply to any genre or setting.
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