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Pentatonic Mastery

Pentatonic Mastery

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Master your pentatonic scales. 

The pentatonic scales are without a doubt the most important set of scales you need as a guitar player. Whether you play rock, pop, blues, funk, country or anything else, these scales often form the backbone of the sound. In this guitar gym course, we use 8 x 15-20 minute workouts to gradually level up your pentatonic scales and get the 5 shapes learnt in every key, in major and minor and across the neck. Watch the video for a full rundown.

We take guitar gym to an intermediate level with this course, where we aim to truly master the pentatonic shapes. We begin with the main 5 shapes across the neck, pushing them to 80BPM 16th notes, which we can tell you is pretty darn quick! We then add in some cool sequences, legato versions and gradually work our way up to 110BPM 16th notes by the end of the course. Each workout is a big step up from the last, so take your time on each workout until you can successfully play along with Dan, then move up to the next workout.

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