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We are now very excited to offer our hugely popular online course "How To Play Like Slash" as a digital download. You can now fully own the course, including the eBook with all the worksheets and the mp3 files to practice along with the songs on your own mp3 player. Want to try before you buy? View the online version of the course here.

What You Get

  • 21 HD Video Lessons
  • eBook Download Guide Supporting The Course
  • Mp3 Downloads for songs and exercises
  • Bonus #1: Getting The Slash Guitar Tone Video
  • Bonus #2: Ultimate Scale and Chord Guide eBooks

About The Course

Slash is the quintessential "guitar hero", but there's more to his playing than the long hair and top hat! This course offers an in-depth look at his lead playing, including complete breakdowns of two custom-written solos in the style of his biggest Guns N' Roses hits. We'll cover the scales and techniques involved, such as the harmonic minor, pentatonic and full scales, and work on how you can easily apply them to your own improvising. You'll also learn how Slash helped define the rock sound of the 80s and how you can use his skills in your own songwriting.