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The Blues Lick Challenge

The Blues Lick Challenge

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Inspiration & application!

Welcome to our Blues Lick Challenge course! Our aim in this challenge is to guide you through the process of taking a single blues lick, and making it work over a variety of backing tracks, in any key. We do this by showing you 5 incredible new blues licks, that are perfect examples of how we can crossover the major and minor pentatonic scales in the blues, and then challenge you to work them into other jams.

a lick in each shape...

As you have no doubt been working through our Blues Essentials courses, you will be starting to get a grasp of the theory behind the licks. The scale shape, how to find it on the neck etc... This course is a supplement that gives you a practical example lick for every single part of the fretboard.

Practical Examples

By the end of this course you will have 5 incredible licks, that you know inside out, and can use as practical examples in your improvisation. You will understand how to find the licks very quickly, and how to manipulate the licks to suit any style of blues track you come across. We will leave no stone unturned in talking through these licks, and your blues lead playing will massively improve as a result.

So, when you're ready, come with me on a very cool journey to properly learning 5 awesome blues licks, and understanding how to use the licks in all of your bluesy improvisation!

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