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The Open Chords Challenge

Expand your open chords!

As a beginner guitar player, open chords are a necessity and a great friend as you start your guitar journey. However, in our rush to progress past these chords, the depth and beauty of them are too often overlooked. I mean, let's be honest, if we took away the open chords, we'd probably lose a rather large percentage of the best music ever written! So, in this course, we challenge you to take a deeper look at open chords, and in these five lessons will explore the theory, chord shapes and exercises you can use to start unlocking your creativity.

theory, shapes & changes.

We're breaking this course down into five lessons, each covering a different category of open chords. We look at the major family, minor, suspended, dominant & finally, slash chords. Between these five categories, we can account for a massive percentage of the open chord shapes used in the history of popular music. With each family of chords, we offer up the theory behind the chord, every single shape you need to learn, as well as a cool exercise at the end to help you master the changes! If you want to master your open chords, this is the only course you will ever need! 

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