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Tom Misch

Tom Misch

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Modern, Jazz Infused, Pop Guitar Master!

Welcome to our Tom Misch player study, and we welcome back the incredible Dion Rushe to take us through this course. Be sure to check out the full intro video above first!

Tom Misch is hands down one of the most talented and unique guitar players of the modern-day, and his unique brand of soul, jazz, pop and funk has really accelerated him to guitar stardom! From the moment we first heard the album "Geography" it was instantly clear that this guy was an exceptional guitar player and songwriter. He seamlessly brought together pop vocals with jazzy guitar progressions, alternative grooves with soulful melodies, and that guitar tone... Wow! His ability to take a simple melody line and make it sing is second to none. Using a plethora of techniques, such as advanced slides, vibrato, staccato, trills, playing in front and behind the beat he has created something new and fresh, and a style that many modern guitar players want to emulate, including myself and the team here at YGA!

In this in-depth player study, we take a look at every aspect of his playing, and really work out what makes his style so unique. Not only that, but we show YOU exactly how you can learn this style and add it to your own playing. Click below to read exactly how we break this down.

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