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Ultimate CAGED Pathway

Ultimate CAGED Pathway

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The Clearest Pathway To Mastering the CAGED system.

Let me introduce to you our Mastering CAGED Chords pathway. I find it hard to put into words just how important mastery of this CAGED system is when it comes to your understanding and fluidity of the fretboard. Believe me when I say the CAGED system is not just a series of chords you need to memorise... It literally is the grid and matrix that allows you to understand and thrive on the fretboard!

To make this extremely clear, rather than talk you through it, I want to show you. I'm going to play a short, improvised loop, using all the aspects of the CAGED system. Ready? Watch the video to see this loop!

The CAGED system is the force behind my guitar playing and improvisation. This is why we have put together our Mastering CAGED chords pathway. We have taken 6 of our incredible courses and ordered them to ensure you get every single piece of information you need to truly understand and use this system in your day-to-day playing.

6 courses, from core CAGED knowledge to Frusciante and Hendrix!

The courses are set in every specific order that creates the pathway, and allow you to step by step master the CAGED system, learning a lot of fun songs and exciting guitar theories along the way! As well as that, we've included a range of guitar gym sessions that you can practice on a daily basis to help you physically master the shapes and get the muscle memory built into your fingers.

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