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Ultimate Pentatonic Soloing Pathway

Ultimate Pentatonic Soloing Pathway

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The Clearest Pathway To Mastering Pentatonic Soloing.

Welcome to our very first YGA Pathway: "The Ultimate Pentatonic Soloing Pathway". So, as you well know, all of our courses are beautifully structured and guide you through every element whilst levelling up as the course progresses. This is because we know that the most important thing to any guitarists improvement is commitment and a solid guide.

With our YGA pathways, we have taken this to the next level entirely. Check out the video to see how.

The first step... we create the aim, the goal. The goal of this pathway is to get you to become an incredible lead guitar player using the pentatonic scales. With the goal set, we navigate the thousands of lessons we have on our site and pick the individual lessons that will make up the new pathway. This means that we go through and handpick the most concise and important lessons from all of our courses, put them in the correct order that allows you to level up as you go, and set out the clearest pathway you will ever find to achieve this exact goal.

So, to put simply, if the goal of pentatonic soloing is exciting to you, you will definitely not find a clearer, more concise route to success than with this pathway!

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