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Workbook Bundle

Every single course workbook! 

For the next 4 days only, we are offering every single workbook from all 45 YGA Courses, for just £15!

OUr workbooks are the absolute foundation to any course we make. It all starts and ends with the workbook. We create the entire book, including the theory, diagrams and detaield guide way before any tutor steps into the hotseat to record the course. Then, at the end of the course process, the workbook is used as so much more than just a supplement to the video. It is the whole course in itself.

With this offer you will get 45 workbooks, which is every course we've produced up to this point, for just £15.

Bear in mind that the workbooks are valued at £5 each, so the full value is £225! That's a saving of 93% and is only available for 4 days! Grab the offer now, whilst you can!

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